The Word Wizard Club is Fun!

Hi! I'm Lex the Wordy Bird. I help Dr. Goodword and Miss Spelling in many ways. My first job is to welcome you to Dr. Goodword's Word Wizard Club. So,

Welcome! Welcome! Welcome!

Wow! I love Dr. Goodword and the Word Wizard Club! When you join the Word Wizard Club we will send you an interesting or funny word every day. We will show you how to write it and say it. You will also get tips and tricks to help you remember how to say and write the word correctly without making mistakes. I love being a Word Wizard! This will help you read faster and write better in school. But that is not all!

Members also can enjoy games and puzzles that will help you learn more words, say and spell them correctly, and enjoy them. Our games are fun but they also tell you how well you are talking and writing.


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