From the Word Wizard Club...
October 2, 2006

Congratulations, Kids! You've completed learning the next round of vocabulary words, and now it's time to review.

two The boy's toy car broke in two. Boo hoo!
too After she went shopping, she decided to go to the movies too.
to This turtle is walking to the pond nearby.
principle Our boss' main principle is to never leave work early.
principal Wheat is the principal crop grown in this region.
its The puppy stood near its mother.
it's "It's for you," he said sweetly, handing her the gift.
effect John effected many changes when he became president of the club.
affect What can you do to affect the environment in a positive way?
vary The dietician told him that he should vary his diet more.
very Snowboarding came very easily to him.

Now that you have reviewed the words, challenge your memory!

Note about the crossword: Playing the crossword requires Macromedia Flash. If you are unable to download Macromedia Flash, please feel free to download and print the PDF form of the puzzle.

Teachers! We now have Goodword Junior folders containing PDFs of the review emails and crossword puzzles. Click here to view or download these free printable documents.

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