From the Word Wizard Club...
November 27, 2006

Congratulations, Kids! You've completed learning the next round of vocabulary words, and now it's time to review.

firm Matt said, "Hey, check out how firm my muscles are!"
tension Many people find a massage helps relieve tension in their muscles.
lavish Their Thanksgiving feast was lavish; no one left hungry.
endangered The gray wolf is an endangered animal.
linger Tony lingered after class to get some extra help from his teacher.
mutter Jake needs to avoid muttering when he speaks to a group.
prance The horse pranced across the pasture to the stable.
shrivel If you leave grapes and plums out to dry, they will shrivel and become raisins and prunes.
swerve On their way to Grandmother's house for Thanksgiving, they had to swerve to avoid hitting the huge wild turkey on the road!
usher The usher showed the woman to her seat (ushered her to her seat).

Now that you have reviewed the words, challenge your memory!

Note about the crossword: Playing the crossword requires Macromedia Flash. If you are unable to download Macromedia Flash, please feel free to download and print the PDF form of the puzzle.

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