From the Word Wizard Club...
July 16, 2007

Congratulations, Kids! You've completed learning the next round of vocabulary words, and now it's time to review.

again He practiced rowing again and again until his time was the fastest ever.
decide She couldn't decide on one ice cream flavor, so she got them all.
heard Even though this is the first time Bart heard this music, he loved it!
morning The sun rises in the east every morning.
thoughts Sylvia didn't tell anyone her thoughts; they were private.

Now that you have reviewed the words, challenge your memory!

Note about the crossword: Playing the crossword requires Macromedia Flash. If you are unable to download Macromedia Flash, please feel free to download and print the PDF form of the puzzle.

Teachers! We now have Goodword Junior folders containing PDFs of the review emails and crossword puzzles. Click here to view or download these free printable documents.

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