From the Word Wizard Club...
October 1, 2007

Congratulations, Kids! You've completed learning the next round of vocabulary words, and now it's time to review.

shutters The wind was so strong that it blew the shutters off the old house.
division Division is a common kind of math problem to solve.
novel Madison couldn't stop reading her favorite novel.
snickersnee The pirate used his snickersnee to free himself from the ropes around his ankles.
nursery Billy worked in the nursery all summer long to earn some extra money.
cloudy They had cloudy weather for days now, and it made them sad.
dedicate Nuns dedicate their whole life to religious service.
thrive Flowers thrive in sun.
hover The basketball player seemed to hover in the air as he jumped to shoot the ball.
husky The men in the cowboy movie were husky and had husky voices.

Now that you have reviewed the words, challenge your memory!

Note about the crossword: Playing the crossword requires Macromedia Flash. If you are unable to download Macromedia Flash, please feel free to download and print the PDF form of the puzzle.

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