From the Word Wizard Club...
September 8, 2008

Congratulations, Kids! You've completed learning the next round of vocabulary words, and now it's time to review.

dozen How many dozen eggs did you buy?!
berserk Kent goes berserk every time he thinks of ice cream.
inquisitive Frankie has an inquisitive mind! He's always reading about something.
conquer The king will conquer the next country and put a flag atop the mountain.
elegantly The couple danced elegantly across the ballroom floor.
automatically The car wash cleaned the car automatically; Terry didn't have to lift a finger!
barely Mr. Giraffe barely fit into the rollercoaster car!
cork The children on the island placed a message in a bottle, put a cork in the mouth, and sent it off to sea.
gobbet Herbert placed one gobbet of meat on his plate at a time, with vegetables in between.
assured Bill and Clay's plan was an assured success.

Now that you have reviewed the words, challenge your memory!

Note about the crossword: Playing the crossword requires Macromedia Flash. If you are unable to download Macromedia Flash, please feel free to download and print the PDF form of the puzzle.

Teachers! We now have Goodword Junior folders containing PDFs of the review emails and crossword puzzles. Click here to view or download these free printable documents.

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