From the Word Wizard Club...
January 4, 2010

dimension In art class, the teacher taught us how to draw in dimension. This cat is three-dimensional because it shows height, width, and depth.
sheepish Archie asked Millie to the dance, but felt sheepish.
observation During her close observation, the scientist wrote down several notes.
token "This bouquet of flowers is a token of my love for you," said Noah.
permission Ace asked his father if he could go to his friend's house for supper.
exist The world will exist for many more years.
rebuild It didn't take Tad long to rebuild the tower of blocks his baby brother knocked down.
wonderland Wintertime is often described as a wonderland due to the calm, sparkling blanket of snow outdoors.
unusual This unusual flower looks like a hummingbird!
boyhood Boyhood is full of growing and exploring.

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