From the Word Wizard Club...
January 9, 2012

collide The skier never wanted to collide with the tree, but he did!
cheat While his chess opponent looked the other way, the man decided to cheat.
deny The young woman could not deny her broken heart. Boo-hoo!
include Does the sandwich include pickles and cheese?
wring Saul likes to wring the sponge completely to get out all the dirty water.
footle The students hang out and footle after school.
ponder Christine pondered what she should do next.
wamble The hotel guest started to wamble, so the bellhop helped him walk to a chair.
crop Italy, France, and Spain lead the world in grape crops.
hootenanny The kids got together for a hootenanny.

Now that you have reviewed the words, challenge your memory!

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