From the Word Wizard Club...
August 5, 2013

capital Have you ever visited the capital of your state?
barber Barber Brad was busy from morning till evening.
triumph A triumph in and of itself is never giving up until you succeed.
outfit Liza wore a new outfit on the first day of school.
juice Pear juice was the most delicious to her.
armadillo An armadillo eats mainly termites, ants, worms, and spiders.
memorial Mount Rushmore in South Dakota is a well-known memorial and sculpture of four US presidents.
channel One well-known channel is the English Channel between Britain and northern France.
hardly The patient could hardly move his leg, as it hurt so badly.
wary The camper heard a noise outside his tent and became wary (even though it was just a cheerful raccoon).
anymore He doesn't ride horses anymore due to a back injury, but still loves them.

Now that you have reviewed the words, challenge your memory!

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