From the Word Wizard Club...
October 30, 2017

challenge The swordsman stepped up to the challenge and won.
generator My parents have a generator just in case the electricity or heat goes out, so we can still use the lights.
acre The farmer gazed out over his one acre of farmland.
gain Marcia gained the sheriff's favor to help look for her missing dog.
injured Rover had to use crutches to walk with his injured leg.
spice Miss Millie always uses too much spice in her cooking.
compartment Each egg fit snugly inside its compartment.
sponge Certain types of sponges can be used by people for cleaning and padding, but nowadays most sponges are manmade.
handful Nancy loves to scoop up a handful of dirt in the spring when she plants the garden.
field The cow grazes slowly in the field.
accumulate Bernard watched the snow accumulate during the winter storm.

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