From the Word Wizard Club...
January 21, 2019

grotesque You might see grotesque gargoyles at old castles, churches, or homes; they can be waterspouts or just decoration. Either way, they are said to scare away evil spirits.
dreadful Look at that dreadful snake!
invent The person who invented the wheel made a great discovery!
budge The couch is stuck in the doorway! It won't budge.
canteen Bert always learned to carry a canteen with him on his long summer hikes.
margin The stationery has a pretty blue design in the margin.
magazine My sister Isabella reads a magazine every night.
bureau Every year, Melanie has to clean out her bureau drawers.
boom The toddler heard the thunder boom and covered her ears.
social My grandmother is always so social: she belongs to about ten different clubs!

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