From the Word Wizard Club...
March 18, 2019

beet Even the leaves of beets (beet greens) are edible and full of nutrients.
beat To clean the rug, the woman went outside to beat it with a broom.
peak Samuel dressed up in a wizard's costume for Halloween with a hat that came to a peak on his head.
peek The child likes to peek from behind the blanket.
berry On the raspberry farm, the workers pick each berry carefully so they don't get smashed.
bury Ben thought it would be fun to bury himself in the sand.
idle When Bernard sits idle for a long time, he gets bored and starts causing trouble.
idol The movie star is an idol to many young people.
racket Father cried, 'What is all that racket outside?' When he looked, he found it was only a goose honking.
racquet Sachi needs a new racquet so she can play tennis.

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