From the Word Wizard Club...
April 15, 2019

iron An anvil is a iron block used as a base for hammering hot metal into a certain shape.
locate It took Walter a long time to locate the file he was looking for.
surveyor The surveyor studied and took exact measurements of the landscape.
conductor The train conductor called out, "All aboard!" to the passengers.
wide-open The mouse stood there yawning with his wide-open mouth.
crumble The cliff started to crumble!
lozenge The young boy's mother gave him a lozenge for his throat.
fancy What would you like to do today? Anything you fancy!
although Although Harold was nervous, he gave his speech and did just fine!
contract The partners signed the contract and shook hands. That seals the deal!
polish Although Bethel's father is not in the military any longer, he never forgets to polish his shoes.
stubbornness Little Heinrich's stubbornness drove his mother crazy.

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