From the Word Wizard Club...
September 30, 2019

strength This bulldog has a lot of strength to be able to lift such weight!
scream The people who enter the haunted house will scream in fright.
gourmet The food at the gourmet restaurant was so beautifully presented that Claudine only wanted to look at it.
chord Chuck practiced the new chord on his guitar.
obtain Greg is taking a motorcycle safety course so he can obtain his motorcycle driver's license.
consider Max stood quietly for a few moments to consider his options.
tuxedo Carlton decided he wanted to wear a tuxedo to the wedding.
frustrate Bailey didn't think that putting the bike together would frustrate her so much!
welcome Sally's gransparents always welcome her with a big smile and hug.
contribute Samuel will contribute all the money he made from polishing shoes to a charity.

Now that you have reviewed the words, challenge your memory!

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