Miss Spelling's Spelling Bees

Hello! Spelling is my name and spelling is my game! Miss Spelling is far more computer savvy than she seems. Now she has created two spelling bees just for you. Miss Put me in your bonnet!Spelling's Regular Spelling Bee is based on the 100 Most Frequently Misspelled Words in English. It is made up of 5 sessions, each containing 20 of those most often misspelled words. If you complete all these sessions successfully, you will be rid of any worry of misspelling these problematic words ever again. Start by clicking the link to Session 1 below. If you would prefer, there is also a huge session with all 100 words.

Miss Spelling's Ultimate Real-Time Spelling Bee is really special. It pronounces the words just like in a real spelling bee and you have to correctly spell them by typing them in. You can repeat the word as many times as you like for Miss Spelling and she will keep score for you. (All exercises are based on US pronunciation and orthography.)

Miss Spelling's Regular Spelling Bee


Miss Spelling's Ultimate Spelling Bee

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