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Site News: Records Set

We just past the 150,000-piece mark of spam spammers have attempted to spam us with—a milestone I would prefer not to have passed.  This does not include the 10-12 pieces a week that make it through and I have to delete manually, just those caught by our spam-catcher, Akismet.

Another milestone we passed in the month of June was the half-million unique visitor mark. This past month alphaDictionary was accessed by 527,340 distinct “sites” or IP addresses, which is about as close as we can get to counting unique visitors. But this figure does not take into account the 20,000 subscribers who receive our daily Good Word and Good Word, Jr, so we should have safely crossed the 500,000 threshold of unique visitors.  We are on schedule to repeat this performance in July, despite the drop-off around July 4.

This blog is one of our most widely frequented sites, so I thank all of you who visit—especially those who catch and report errors.

There are other interesting things to do with language on the site, though, so I hope everyone reading this will check them out. We have just put up a page of resources on the language of Jesus, Aramaic, and we are about to put up what I think will be the first resource on rhyming compounds, including a discussion of them and 150 or so examples.  The best place to look for serious comments on language is Dr. Language’s Office. You can get there from the link at the top of each page. The best place for games, jokes and other fun, is our fun page:

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